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For 'Concierge' or 'VIP' service, my patients would agree to pay a monthly fee ($125/patient, $200/couple, $250/family) in exchange for having more immediate and direct access to my medical services.  While this fee is not covered by any insurance plan, it can be paid using pre-tax dollars or a health savings account.  I still have to collect co-pays and bill your medical insurance for all the routinely covered medical services I provide.  This fee allows me to set aside unfilled blocks of time in my daily schedule to allow more immediate access to my office or telephone services because my services are no longer strictly governed by the reimbursement requirements of your insurance company.  I still have regular office hours but am able to have much more flexibility regarding the length of the visits and the number and types of concerns addressed.  With fewer office appointments, waiting times are much less with same or next day appointment availability.  As a concierge patient, you will always be given priority to see me personally instead of another provider.  The concierge fee allows me to have the time to conveniently review and handle simple problems over the phone.  My staff and I are directly available to my concierge patients through cell phone, text, or email at all times. Urgent or emergency care would not be needed for lack of office availability, but only when your medical condition truly requires that level of care.  This is the personalized kind of care that your concierge fee allows me the time to provide for you.  I want to especially thank all my concierge patients for holding their health and my service in such high regard.   My desire for this type of more old-fashioned doctor-patient relationship is why I consider medicine my calling.  I can't tell you how excited I am to have the opportunity to provide you with this service!

All non-HMO insurance plans currently allow their patients to choose concierge service. 
At this time, Tricare and HMO insurance plans do not allow their patients to have a concierge doctor.  If you currently have an HMO or Tricare insurance plan and would like to consider being part of my concierge practice, you would have to explore changing your insurance plan during your open enrollment period.

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