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'Traditional' service is the type of medical care most patients currently receive and exactly the type of service I've always provided to my patients.  As your doctor, I bill your insurance for office visits and bill you only for your standard co-pay and for any non-covered services for which you specifically choose to pay cash (special physicals, form fees, weight loss visits, etc).  I will continue to do my best to be available to you and to care for your medical needs while staying within the limitations set by your specific insurance company.  If my schedule gets too impacted, I will plan to bring on a physician assistant or nurse practitioner to help me to meet your urgent care needs.  Limitations to traditional service are simply the frustrations I described above.  For the majority, your medical needs require nothing more than what traditional service can offer.  I completely understand and am thrilled to still be able to offer you this option of medical care.

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