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The business of medicine has changed dramatically over the past 15 years. 


Sadly, in this new medical environment, I struggle to provide the personalized care and attention I would like to give to each and every one of my patients while still meeting the tightening and ever-changing demands of the business and legal requirements of family medicine.  I'm sure you all have noticed the increasing wait times, increasing restrictions imposed on office visits, decreasing access to your doctor personally, and more frequent need for urgent care or emergency room visits. 


These frustrations led me to consider a new 'business model' for my practice.


As of 2017, I now offer a mixture of 'traditional' and 'concierge' service.  As my patient, you can choose the model of medical care that best meets your needs.

Sharmel Ormonde Kettler Kasten
Sharmel Ormonde Kettler Kasten
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